Salam 5G

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Salam 5G

Salam 5G Platinum is an internet service provided through the most advanced technology in telecommunication (5G). The service offers high speeds, high reliability, more responsiveness than its predecessor technologies, wider broadband, and massive network capacity that enhances the user experience.

5G Platinum

Monthly 374 SAR

  • Download speed up to 280 mbps
  • Upload speed up to 140 mbps
  • Contract Period 24 month
  • Free 5G CPE Router
  • One month fee deposit *
  • Package Card

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* The above prices include 15% VAT.

Terms & Conditions

No cables

No installation

High speed


Yes, customer will pay a security deposit equivalent to one month of subscription fee. The full amount is refunded after the end of the 13th month from the time of subscription.

You will need to make sure that your location is covered by Salam 5G. Salam Sales Team will be responsible for collecting, registering your information and providing support for a quick setup of the device if needed. Please make sure that the mobile number you are sharing is the same as the one authenticated with Abshir.

Customer has a two-day trial period starting from the day the 5G service is activated. The customer will receive an SMS indicating the trial period duration. During the trial period the customer has the right to terminate the service without any commitment or penalties and the service deposit will be refunded.

Our team will visit you and assess the damage, if the damage was due to a faulty device Salam will replace the device with a new one (free of charge), and If the damage was due to misuse, installation of a new device will be charged SR 1900.

You can contact customer care to terminate your contract at any time. If you cancelled before the end of the commitment period, a penalty amount for the remaining months will be included in your next billing cycle (100 SR for every remaining month). If you request to terminate your service due to a technical issue that was not addressed by Salam, no penalties will be applied.

The customer can use the 5G service anywhere within the 5G coverage.

Salam 5G SIM card is restricted to only Salam 5G device (sim-lock), and it cannot be removed or used on a Mi-Fi (router) or on a mobile device, as it is locked to Salam 5G router

The modem provided with the service only works with Salam SIM which operates on Zain 5G network only.

To prevent fraud, don’t comply with anyone’s request to share your verification codes via SMS or calls.