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Web is a critical tool for all enterprise organizations and web access is increasing year-by-year. At the same time, continuously evolving web threats such as (data loss are a growing risk and there are a growing number of regulatory compliance frameworks to adhere to.

Executive Cloud Web Security Service enables customers to secure their web access with no operational impact whilst introducing additional value added features.

Our Web Security Service delivers a cost effective, easy to manage fully inclusive web security solution with high end performance and value added features to help your organization remain secure whilst achieving with regulatory compliance.

Advanced threat protection and security gap prevention

Customers get advanced protection against today’s sophisticated, emerging threats.

URL Filtering & browsing control

Provide flexible and granular URL categories, organized in a hierarchy that enables better analysis and control.

Manage bandwidth usage by persons, IP address, and applications

Allocate and optimize your Internet bandwidth based on user-ID , App-ID and Group/location.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

Provide the industry’s most complete, inline protection from viruses and spyware.

Ensure full compliance with company’s policies and increase employee productivity

By apply security and control policies to enforce all internet users to comply with organization regulatory.


Our Web Security Service is a high performance feature rich security solution with unrivaled scalability and a wide range of enterprise features. The Web Security gateway backend is automatically updated by the Threat research team and can dynamically identify threats to minimize the operational overhead required to operate the system.

# Features description WEB STANDARD
with Threats Protection
1 Cloud Platform
2 Reporting
3 URL Filtering
4 Inline Anti-virus & Anti-spyware
5 Advanced Threats Protection
6 Web 2.0 Control
7 Bandwidth Management
8 Web Access Control
9 Data Loss Prevention

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