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Hosted Microsoft Exchange is designed to help organizations such as yours to meet common IT and operational challenges, while still offering the flexibility to meet a wide variety of needs.

Hosted Exchange enhances employee communication and collaboration by offering professional email access to multiple users within the organization. Hosted Microsoft Exchange was designed for organizations that want to get the benefits of cloud-based email with the robust capabilities of an on-premises Exchange deployment.

Executive Cloud Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution is a fully managed, secure and multi-tenanted solution delivered from the cloud. It offers businesses of any size access to the business-class email and collaborative functionality of Microsoft Exchange on a pay-as-you-go cloud-based model.

Keep the
organization safe

Do more
On any device

Remain in control
Online and On-Premises

# Features description Basic Standard Enterprise
1 Outlook Web Access features that enable the features described in this SAL
2 Messaging and personal folder access through the protocols described in this SAL
3 Internet mail protocol ( Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - SMTP )
4 Post Office Protocol -POP
5 Internet Message Access Protocol - IMAP
6 Web browser access via any client
7 Personal Mail Folder (not shared with other users)
8 Personal Address List (not shared with other users)
9 Personal Calendar (not shared with other users)
10 Personal Tasks (not shared with other users)
11 Support for a single, second level domain for a single user or user organization
12 Messaging Application Programming Interface - MAPI network protocol
13 Shared Folders
14 Public Folders
15 Shared Address List
16 Shared Contacts
17 Shared Tasks
18 Shared Calendar
19 Group scheduling, including viewing free / busy times of others
20 Mobile Notification: Receive notification of events in the server software via mobile devices
21 Mobile Browse: Access the server software inbox, calendar, address book, Global Address Book and tasks via mobile devices
22 Synchronize mobile devices over networks with the server software inbox, calendar, address book and tasks.

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