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It is similar Service with (SATCOM-C) that is high-end dedicated satellite connectivity P2P” symmetrical and asymmetrical circuit configurations to deliver data, voice or digital video signals. The service provides L2VPN or L3VPN dedicated connectivity in areas where terrestrial networks either are not available or not capable of meeting customer’s specific requirements or as backup.


  • Blanket coverage across the KSA.
  • Dedicated service.
  • Extension of corporate networks over multiple sites.
  • Supports commercial video conferencing business.
  • Supports video streaming and video on-demand.
  • Appropriate access in remote and rural locations.


Sat Pool-C is a dedicated Service connection to serve customers’ needs for “Connectivity”. The Bandwidth defined in that pool will be shared by the client individual sites links.


  • Blanket coverage across the KSA.
  • Flexibility BW pool sharing as per customer requirements.
  • Provides data and video streaming.
  • Supports a wide range of Up-load/down load speeds.
  • SLA based service.
  • Installation and maintenance at remote locations by ITC.
  • Centralized NOC at Riyadh/Jeddah with 24 X 7 supports.
  • 24 X 7 professional technical support.

Packages prices

Packages Download Upload Premium 1:1
Package-1/0.5 1,024 Kbps 512Kbps 10,969
Package-1/1 1,024 Kbps 1,024 Kbps 16,215
Package-2/1 2,048 Kbps 1,024Kbps 21,937
Package-3/1 3,072 Kbps 1,024 Kbps 27,660
Package-4/2 4,096 Kbps 2,048 Kbps 43,875

The above prices include 15% VAT.

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