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Business Trunk service from ITC is a SIP trunk (Session Initiation Protocol) service that enables businesses with existing IP or legacy PBX systems to use Voice over IP for their external calls.

The service can provide hundreds or thousands of voice channels using the same link instead of the limited 30 channels that comes in PRI.

Business Truck can come with The toll-free number (800) or UAN number (9200) providing an easy and free way for customers to reach the business using a virtual unified number regardless of where the actual call is being terminated.


  • Simple and Fast Deployment.
  • Flexibility & scalability that grows with your business.
  • Crystal-clear HD voice and video calls.
  • Protect customers investment in their current PBXs.
  • Improved business continuity.


  • Delivered over standard Ethernet interfaces.
  • Flexible number of channels as per customer’s needs.
  • Crystal-clear HD voice and video calls.
  • Attractive local & national calling rates.


  • SIP Trunk with specified number of channels.
  • IP PBX system (customer provided).
  • Vanity Number (Optional).
  • Toll Free number (Optional).
  • UAN - 9200 number.


Packages Package-10 Package-100
No. of Channels 10 100
No. of Landlines 30 500
Monthly Subscription fee 2,645.00 SR 8,050.00 SR
Setup fee (Fiber) * 3,450.00 SR

*For Microwave last mile it depends upon feasibility

The above prices include 15% VAT.

Call Rates (ITC uses Charging Pulse Per Second)

On-Net Calls Unlimited
Off-Net Calls 0.0575 SR/min
Mobile 0.2875 SR/min
UAN (9200) 0.23 SR/min
International Calls Floor Rate (International rates are available)

International Call Rates


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