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Cloud Unified Collaboration is a hosted PBX & Unified communications service from ITC state of the art data centers facilities that enables ITC customers to have a full fledge advanced telephony and unified communication functionality at their finger-tips without the hassle of owning and maintaining the PBX itself.

The solution provides ITC customers with voice, video, messaging, collaboration, and mobility functionalities accessible through their IP phones, mobile devices, and desktop clients.

The hosted PBX & UC service provides business value and competitive advantages that drive business profitability and growth, while ensuring that customers have a reliable, flexible and cost-effective service that meets their business demand.


  • Improved & efficient workplace collaboration.
  • Extended PBX reachability outside the office walls.
  • Better value at lower cost.
  • Flexibility & scalability that grows with your business.


  • Secure dedicated IP PBX instance per customer.
  • Enterprise-grade & HD quality PBX & UC functionalities.
  • Online control of all calling & UC features.
  • Secure high-speed internet service.
  • Attractive national & International calling rates.
  • Self-care Portal and online billing.


  • Broadband Internet.
  • Customized PBX & UC packages as per customer need.
  • IP phones and mobile/PC soft phones client.
  • VC end points, Toll free & Vanity numbers (optional).

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