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ITC offers domestic bi-directional point-to-point transmission capacity for data, video and voice allowing national operators and service providers to extend their business offerings beyond the services they own and operate.

The service also allows business customers to reliably interconnect their branch network. Each customer is allocated a link capacity on an individual basis depending on their specific needs, complete with self-healing rings that rapidly restore communications in the event of a node failure or fiber cut.

  • Ability to tailor the bandwidth to the need of every location and/or application and easy migration to higher bandwidth
  • Send transmissions with high accuracy and exceptional system availability and virtually eliminate downtime with ITC's redundant network architecture built in at every level. All these with dedicated support for your business
  • Consolidate data, video and voice into one high-capacity optical backbone. You can enjoy competitive prices to meet your business objectives

  • Wide range of speeds from E1 to STM-64 covering most of Saudi Arabia
  • Last mile can be a number of media including microwave and fiber
  • Independent fiber network with high redundancy

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