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Transfer large data volume, video streaming and critical applications between local sites

Layer 2 VPN guarantee high-bandwidth connection that enables you to transfer large volumes of data quickly across your sites, connectivity service which is ideal if you simply want to leverage applications and software between sites and your head office.

The service is available with different scales of speed and high performance and availability which allows you to replicate data or create a diverse route for traffic to ensure business continuity. Our L2VPN offering can also be extended internationally in cooperation with our international carrier partners.

  • Dedicated bandwidth based on your needs.
  • Unrivalled reliability.
  • Discounted optional Backup Link.
  • Optional managed router service per circuit.
  • Secure & private connections.
  • Easy scalability for future growth.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) which guarantee the service quality.
  • 24/7 technical support.

  • Access speeds more than 1 Gbps.
  • Ethernet-based services.
  • Symmetric connectivity service uploads / downloads.
  • Last mile can be through various media choices including fiber and microwave.
  • Resiliency through ITC’s network design.
  • Available locally & internationally.
  • Bandwidth utilization report is available to control your bandwidth consumption.

Packages prices

Dedicated Speed Mbps Installation Fee Monthly Prices SR
1Mbps 4,283.75 3,680.00 SR /Monthly
5Mbps 11,500.00 8,510.00 SR /Monthly
10Mbps 11,500.00 13,915.00 SR /Monthly
20Mbps 11,500.00 25,300.00 SR /Monthly
30Mbps 11,500.00 27,715.00 SR /Monthly
100Mbps 40,250.00 54,625.00 SR /Monthly
1000Mbps 40,250.00 283,705.00 SR /Monthly

The above prices include 15% VAT.

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