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Frustrated from Congestions in your Network!

Why not Optimize your network with ITC Class of Services?

Class of Service (CoS) from ITC gives you the ability to prioritize the types of traffic in your networks. It provides preferential delivery service for the applications that need it by ensuring sufficient bandwidth, controlling latency and reducing data loss which reflects the quality of your end-user experience. Furthermore, it helps you to reduce the cost by ensuring the requires level of service without the need of expanding or uploading your networks.

Why do You Need ITC Class of Service?

  • Got Control over resource: You will have end to end control over your bandwidth.
  • Tailored Network Traffic: You can request traffic prioritization as per network needs.

Managing your Mission-Critical application by:

  • Efficient use of your WAN bandwidth critical applications.
  • Ensuring required bandwidth and minimum delays to time-sensitive multimedia and voice applications.
  • Providing other non-critical application fair share of bandwidth.

End-to-End ITC Class of Service (CoS):

Networks to deliver services required by specific network traffic types from one end of the network of another.

The Primary goal of Class of Service id to provide priority to networks, which will result in dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter, low latency and improved loss of traffic.

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