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SD-WAN is a wide area network which is determined by using the software that simplifies WAN management. The SD-WAN enables easy access to office cloud applications in different locations and allows companies to build higher-performance WANs as they are faster to install and reshape. ITC SD-WAN solution leverages different WAN technologies (MPLS, BDI, VSAT and broadband links) to connect your sites using Software Defined Network. Controllers (the brain of the SD-WAN network) are hosted in ITC Cloud- Data Center and managed by ITC experts. You do not need to invest on these cloud resources.

SD-WAN solution enables you to drive your network according to business needs with ability to utilize the best available links and provide better network visibility in a cost effective manner. With ITC managed SD-WAN service, we provide you network services including Network designing, SD-WAN migration and integration, project management and 24 x 7 network operations through our expert teams.

  • Dedicated management portal for network monitoring
  • Bandwidth Augmentation:- Utilizing Multiple WAN links at the same time
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Enhance application visibility and Performance
  • Secure your network

  • Centralized Network Management and Analytics
  • Transport independent network
  • Network security: Control and Data Plane security - Zero trust security model
  • Simplified Network Deployment

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