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It is imperative for any organization to implement an effective Vulnerability Management to safeguard against attacks and threats in the business environment.

ITC’s VM Service will scan: all network devices, operating systems, databases, applications, and virtual environments, cloud, mobile devices to determine the vulnerabilities on these systems.

The service will help organization reduce costs and complexities by automating the vulnerability assessment process; thereby eliminating the need to conduct in-house scans. It also improves network security by providing on-demand vulnerability assessments; identifying weak spots in networks and helping IT administrators manage the remediation process as well as meet regulation and compliance requirements.

The VM service is delivered through our 24x7 Riyadh-based NG-SOC

  • Effective management of vulnerabilities associated with critical Infrastructure components.
  • Reduce critical risks by prioritizing vulnerabilities proven to be exploitable and create exceptions for acceptable risks.
  • Manage Compliance - You conform with ALL Saudi and Global regulatory compliance frameworks, such as NCA, SAMA, CITC, etc.
  • Reduce Cost - Free your security budget by outsourcing management to an experienced local NG-SOC team with no upfront investment in tools, technologies, licenses and vendor support.
  • Deep dive analysis of vulnerabilities along with correlation of threats and events.

  • Periodic and On-demand Scans to identify vulnerabilities in the environment to make sure no vulnerability is accrued due to network changes.
  • Integration of Vulnerability Management with other security services such as SIEM and Threat Intelligence.
  • Internal & External Scan Engines for public-facing and internal services, networks, servers and applications.
  • Real Risk Prioritization – Risk scoring for thousands of vulnerabilities allowing prioritization of risks based on assigned “Criticality” scores according to the standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).
  • Customized Scan frequency and reporting options according to your compliance requirements.
  • Remediation recommendations – According to your industry’s best practices.
  • Online portal for simplified management and advanced reporting.

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