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ITC’s Threat intelligence (TI) service is the industry’s first threat intelligence platform designed to enable threat operations and management and is the only solution with an integrated Threat Library, Adaptive Workbench and Open Exchange that helps to act upon the most relevant threats facing the organization and to get more out of the existing security.

The TI Service can integrate with more than 200 types of network devices and feed sources (commercial, open source, government, etc.) and augments ITC’s SIEM and other MSS services with near real-time Threat Intelligence feeds to allow immediate detection and focus on relevant Indicators of Compromise (IOC) for the fastest and most accurate incident detection and handling with minimum false positives.

The TI Service is delivered through our 24x7 Riyadh-based NG-SOC.

  • Real-Time Visibility - Get immediate visibility into worldwide attack trends and IOC’s for the most accurate actions proactively.
  • Improved security - Correlate all types of threat intelligence, make sense of it and act on it to protect your business.
  • Accelerate Detection and Response - Automate aggregation, operationalization and use of threat intelligence across all systems and teams, therefore reducing damage costs.
  • Improved Availability and business continuity - Minimize incident recovery times through getting focused recommendations by the ITC NG-SOC.

  • Customized Threat Library – Continuously assess your exposure to threats by allowing you controlled scoring to raise or lower the score of a particular attribute, based on importance, relevance or situation being investigated.
  • Adaptive Workbench – The analytics layer of the service, where analysts interact with the Threat Library, utilize tools and add new custom elements of an investigation in a flexible platform enough to work within any environment.
  • Investigations Module – It’s the world’s first Cyber Situation Room allowing analysts to collaborate, visualize threats, and start or participate in a situation being investigated.
  • Open Exchange – A set of API’s that allow you to build connectors to your SIEM, IR platform, SOAR applications, Endpoint systems, and others. Our service is designed to integrate all the necessary elements of a Threat-centric NG-SOC.
  • Flexible Delivery Model – You can even get a dedicated Threat Intelligence Platform for your compliance requirements.

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