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Increasing threat volume, sophistication and the expansion of customers’ networks is driving a requirement for proactive 24x7 real-time monitoring & alerting, log collection and normalization, event correlation, analysis and auditing. ITC’s real-time monitoring services address these issues on a 24x7 basis and are scalable, compliant and cost effective. Powered by the best available SIEM solution which constantly featured on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for SIEM solutions for multiple years in a row, and with proven skills and resources in MSSP NG-SOC, ITC offers a resilient, reliable and dependable SIEM service.

ITC’s Security Information & Event Management SIEM service collects, correlates, analyzes and stores security events from networks, hosts, and critical applications or systems. It can ingest more than 800 types of logs from almost all IT and Network device types, augments them with Artificial Intelligence AI and Automated Workflows for the fastest incident detection and handling.

ITC’s security certified experts working from 24x7 NG-SOC use all this information, correlating it with our database of intelligence feeds from our Threat Intelligence Platform, to identify any malicious activity, investigate and immediately respond to threats in real time based upon pre-defined escalation procedures tailored for each client.

The SIEM service is delivered through our 24x7 Riyadh-based NG-SOC

  • Real-Time Visibility - Get immediate visibility into your whole network and systems for the fastest response.
  • Improved security - Enhance your security posture and increase your internal auditing maturity.
  • Reduce Cost - Free your security budget by outsourcing your monitoring to an experienced local SOC team with no upfront investment in tools and technologies licenses and vendor support.
  • Manage Compliance - You conform with ALL Saudi and Global regulatory compliance frameworks, such as NCA, SAMA, CITC, etc.
  • Improved Availability and business continuity - Minimize incident recovery times as it allows for immediate action upon notification from our NG-SOC.

  • 24x7 Service Support & Availability – Backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime of 99.99%.
  • Effective Log management by performing log analysis and big data analytics.
  • Network & Endpoint monitoring to monitor entire network and detect Endpoint Anomalies, Eliminate Compromised Hosts.
  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) to detect and Respond to Anomalous User Behavior with Security Analytics and Machine Learning.
  • File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) – Allows you to selectively monitor with granular controls and filters that can pinpoint specific files and either perform scans at desired intervals or operate in real-time mode for continuous protection.
  • Flexible Delivery Models – Get customizable professional products and services tailored to your security requirements with different delivery models (fully managed, dedicated or hybrid).
  • Logs Retention - Short-term and long-term retention policies up to 12 months and beyond, should you need it.

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