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Today, the combination of VM services and Penetration Testing (PT) are proven and agreed by information security professionals to greatly reduce attack vectors and provide a company with a much better security posture regarding its ability to defend itself from most critical attacks.

By following 6 PT delivery phases of information gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, actual exploitation, post exploitation and reporting, ITC delivers a state-of-the-art Penetration Testing Service by its experienced Red Team.

  • End-to-end testing of people, processes and technologies beyond just your network infrastructure.
  • Manage Compliance – You conform with ALL Saudi and Global regulatory compliance frameworks, such as NCA, SAMA, CITC, etc.
  • Minimize Risk – By simulating multiple attack techniques to prove weakness entry points and allow proper remediation.
  • Improved security – Enhance your security posture and increase your internal auditing maturity.

  • Comprehensive Testing – Exploit web and network devices, application services and exfiltrate data while testing support and human-based processes.
  • Customized Scope – According to your corporate requirements (from IT-only to full scope).
  • Best Red Team specialists – Consisting of highly experienced and certified team, using their long-term acquired penetration testing techniques and methodologies.
  • Rich arsenal of Tools, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) delivering real-world hacking, phishing, social and human techniques.
  • Flexible Delivery Models – You can request a one-time or multiple yearly PT tests ranging from White to Black box testing approach to keep your company protected at all times.

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