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ITC offers you firenet service which is designed specifically to help small and medium businesses to meet their needs of key services which are essential to the success and continuity of business.

firenet service provides dedicated and reliable Internet, protected with carrier grade and industry leading firewall technology. In addition to firewall’s configuration and tuning service in one bundle, it offers a safe and secured business environment.

Dedicated Internet service:

  • Dedicated and reliable Internet Service
  • Different speeds options
  • Multiple share ratio options
  • 24x7 business care & support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Virtual Firewall Service:

  • NGFW & UTM features
  • Real-Time threat detection
  • Internet Bandwidth management (Traffic shaping)
  • 24x7 business care & support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Professional Configuration:

  • Firewall setting-up and fine-tuning
  • Security and Access Policy settings
  • VPN & Routing configuration
  • Expanded pre-defined scope of work
  • Fast implementation and provision

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