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Welcome to solutions that go beyond technology, powered by a dedicated team of specialists who believe that success depends on making your business ... their business.

ITC business products and services is your success breakthrough, From large to small business you will find our products meets your business requirements and guarantee your satisfaction.


National Data Connectivity

ITC owns and operates two international cable landing station in AL Khobar and Jeddah connecting the Kingdom to the world.

International Data Connectivity

We provides businesses with customized solutions we specialize in helping businesses connect easier, faster, & safer

Internet Services

ITC gives you a flexible and high-speed Internet presence through our Business Dedicated Internet service.


High quality private lease service and interconnectivity, in addition to terrestrial IPLC for instant connectivity

Managed Services

Through our Data Center, will provide our client with interconnect server and storage equipment


Save cost, time and effort by having virtual services to serve your clients and achieve your organization’s objectives.

Managed Security Services

Responds to a growing threat landscape by using intelligence-driven and integrated security products.


In the Industry world , every second counts . ITC’s advanced ICT services will make the work environment easier.

Voice Services

Customers with voice, video, messaging, collaboration, and mobility functionalities accessible through their IP phones.

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