Managed Security Services

Keep your data protected from cyber-attacks

Managed Security Services

Keep your data protected from cyber-attacks

ITC as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) responds to a growing threat landscape by using intelligence-driven and integrated security products, operated by high skilled security engineers focusing on monitoring and management of your security systems and devices through ITC’s Saudi local Next Generation SOC (NG-SOC) facility where all together offer the maximum visibility and the minimum time to detect and respond to any security incidents while maintaining compliancy for local regulation and global standards.


Penetration Testing

Greatly reduce attack vectors and provide a company with a much better security.

Security Information and Event Management

Real-time monitoring & alerting, log collection and normalization, event correlation.

Vulnerability Management

It is imperative for any organization to implement an effective safeguard against attacks.

Web Application Firewall

A must-have component in the application delivery infrastructure.

Threat Intelligence

Industry’s first threat intelligence platform designed to enable threat operations.

Security Device Management

Help organization to manage and optimize their security technology infrastructure. Through its service portal.